Personal Information

We do not collect any personal information about the users of our apps.

We do collect anonymous usage information about our website and apps to help us improve our services and applications. This information may be collected via third-party tools such as Google Analytics, but no personal information is collected.


Links Within Apps

Some apps have external links such as to our website, Facebook, twitter or iTunes to allow you to find out more about Taos Games, our products and services. These links are only available on the title screen and are not available once an app is in session. We recommend that parent launch apps and start them before handing them to their children.


In-App Purchases

Some of our free apps may contain in-app purchases, but these are only available on our title screen.



Our website uses cookies to maintain user state, but no personal information is tracked or collected.



We do not have third-party advertising in our apps or website. We may from time to time promote other Taos Games products or services within our apps.


Mailing List

We offer a mailing list to provide information about Taos Games products and services. Email addresses provided to this mailing list are stored by our service provider. Subscribers have the option to opt out whenever they wish. We do not share any subscriber information with any other parties.


Privacy Questions

If you have any questions about our apps or privacy policy please contact us at



We reserve the right, at any time, to add to, change, update, or modify this Policy, simply by posting such change, update, or modification on the Site and without any other notice to you. Any such change, update, or modification will be effective immediately upon posting on the Site. It is your responsibility to review this Policy from time to time to ensure that you continue to agree with all of its terms.

The Privacy Policy was last updated on 12/30/2013.